Adventures in Artistic Creativity

Autumn Sunflower

Just down the road from my house is a farmer’s field full of sunflowers. The warm contrast of the sunflowers against of the cooler colored background seemed like the perfect picture to paint for this time of year.

In the past, I’ve sometimes felt like the color reference I use has restricted my creative judgement. In other words, when I see the color on the page I tend to imitate the color I see vice push the color to be something more. Therefore, when I found just the right piece of reference, I changed the mode to black and white forcing me to push my color pallet without being influenced by a color photo. I’m glad I did. Although this is a limited pallet (only 4 colors) I was able to push the colors farther than the original color photo.

If you’re interested in purchasing a print or buying the original, please visit my gallery.

See the time-lapse video on YouTube!

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