Adventures in Artistic Creativity

Starving Artist Success Story

I had the honor of attending The Art Institute of Seattle from 1993 to 1995 graduating with an Associates of Applied Art. The school provided an amazing experience. However, not every day was perfect as the following little story illustrates.

One day I showed up to school financially unprepared–Ok, I was broke. I was desperately hoping my depleted supplies would get me through the day. A few tubes of paint, some brushes and a few other odds and ends was all that remained of my supplies. I arrived in class to find the assignment for the day was due in two hours!  Paint a portrait, start to finish in two hours and of course this would require some type of canvas.  A canvas, I didn’t have.

With only change in my pocket, I headed to the school store knowing I couldn’t afford even the most inexpensive two dollar illustration board. Looking around the store, completely stressed with a looming deadline at hand, I glanced down toward the garbage can and saw a tattered cardboard box sitting on top of the trash. The light bulb turned on and it was shining bright at that moment. I asked the store clerk if I could have the box. He said yes. I was off and running back to the classroom.

Once back in class, I grabbed an old western magazine in search for reference. With a bit of luck, the magazine almost flipped itself open to a black and white picture of an old cowboy. It had to be fate that I paint that image.

With an hour and change left, I broke out two tubes of acrylic paint, one black and one white, along with two brushes. With little time to spare, creativity took over. The result was this black and white image of an old cowboy painted on a tattered piece of 6″ X 10″ cardboard torn from the side of a box.  I’m happy to say, I got an A.


One response

  1. You really are a blessed artist, superb painting.

    November 13, 2012 at 1:15 am

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