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Beautiful art on a Budget

Wouldn’t it be great to own a Van Gogh? Imagine his Iris’s hanging in your living room! Or The Starry Night on the wall of your bedroom lulling you to sleep. Unfortunately, Van Gogh didn’t have time to create a painting for every art connoisseur out there. Nor can most of us afford such a gem.

Even today, living artists sell their work for prices that can be out of our range. There is a reason for that, and I  will write on that subject another day.

Today I want to show you a way you can decorate your home or office with beautiful art without breaking the bank. Many artist’s including myself, have moved into the modern age of technology and offer instantly downloadable art.

One HUGE advantage to owning an art file is you may print the artwork (for personal use only) as many times as you would like! Just like buying a movie, you’re allowed to watch it as many times as you would like. You’re not allowed to make copies to sell or upload the file to a site where others can steal the file.

There are several sites out there that offer downloadable art. Because my downloadable art is on, I’m going to take you step-by-step from your Etsy purchase to hanging your new art.

First, let me say there are several roads that will take you to the same place. However, the following steps are what I have found to be easy and cost effective:

  1. ADD TO CART – Purchase a downloadable image from Etsy that you love. You will receive an email from Etsy that will take you to your downloads page. There you will find your digital file. You purchased files will remain there for later use.
  2. DOWNLOAD Click the Download button. Your art should go to your downloads folder unless you have mapped your downloads to go elsewhere.
  3. PRINT OR SAVE FILE – Once you find your file, you have two options.
    1. Print your new art from your personal printer. If you choose this option, go to step 5 for framing options.
    2. Move the file to a Portable USB drive (also called a flash or jump drive), or a burn it to a CD.

      If you chose potion 2, chances are you want your new art to be larger than your printer will allow or you want a better quality paper or maybe you want to print it on canvas or another material.

      NOTE: There are online print shops out there that allow you to upload your file and then mail your finished product to you. Many deliver an amazing product. This may not be the most cost effective method if you have to pay shipping and handling.

  4. PRINT SERVICE – Take your file to any local store that offers photo or print services. Personally, I like Costco, no this is not a paid plug, I just happen live close to one of the stores. If you plan to print to paper, I recommend picking out your frame or at least know the size of frame you want. This will help the sales associate accurately process your order.  If you want your new artwork on canvas, make sure the sales associate prints to a standard frame size if you choose to have it framed.
  5. FRAME YOUR ARTWORK – Gallery wrap canvas prints have become quite popular in that past few years. If you choose this option skip to step 6. You may already know, frames are not cheap when you go to a custom frame shop. So I have a couple suggestions:
    1. Head to your local thrift store. I can’t tell you how many great frames I’ve found. Some have old pictures that I simply discard and replace with the art I want to frame. If you find the perfect size frame but it’s not quite the color, think about spray painting it a custom color to compliment your artwork.
    2. The reason I stated in step 4, to print to a standard size, is so you have the option of going to a store that has standard size frames, allowing you to simply place your new artwork in the frame. This will save you a great deal of money. In the past I have bought frames from Walmart, and several drug stores in my area.
  6.  HANG YOUR NEW ART – Now the fun part! Choosing where to hang your new artwork. This is where you get to be creative. My only recommendation is to make sure your artwork is secured soundly to the wall. If it’s a large piece, make sure you mount it into a wall stud for the best support.

I hope this information has given you great ideas on how to decorate your home with beautiful art on a budget. I know technology can be confusing and often frustrating. But I don’t want that from hindering your own creativity.

If you have questions, please post in the comments. I’ll be sure to get back with you as soon as possible. In most instances, I’ll reply to you the same day.

Please take a moment to visit my store and see if there is a piece of artwork that is calling out to you. Cheers!


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